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by Unibros | 08 Jun 2017

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Social Media

Social media use web-based technologies, desktop computers and mobile technologies (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals, communities and organizations can share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content or pre-made content posted online. They introduce substantial and pervasive changes to communication between businesses, organizations, communities and individuals.

What's all about SMM:

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Most of these social media platforms have their own built-in data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of the each ad campaigns.

Social networking websites allow individuals, businesses and other organizations to interact with one another and build relationships and communities online. When companies join these social channels, consumers can interact with them directly.

One of the main purposes of employing social media in marketing is as a communications tool that makes the companies accessible to those interested in their product and makes them visible to those who have no knowledge of their products.

Companies make use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to reach audiences much wider than through the use of traditional print/TV/radio advertisements alone at a fraction of the cost, as most social networking sites can be used at little or no cost.

The most popupar socials are:


Facebook is an open network, that allows you to reach your potential customers easily & rapidly. Your product materials in the form videos, audios, Images and longer descriptions can easily delivered to your prospects who is in the Facbook community. The interested prospects will become a follower of your business page and can comment/share the products/Service which you offered.

Facebook can call it as a second largest country in the world, it has more than 2billion active users and 5 million businesses advertise on its social network every month.


Twitter allows companies to promote their products in short messages known as tweets limited to 140 characters which appear on followers' Home timelines.Tweets can contain text, Hashtag, photo, video, Animated GIF, Emoji, or links to the product's website and other social media profiles, etc.Twitter is also used by companies to provide customer service.Some companies make support available 24/7 and answer promptly, thus improving brand loyalty and appreciation.

Google +:

Google+, in addition to providing pages and some features of Facebook, is also able to integrate with the Google search engine. Other Google products are also integrated, such as Google Adwords and Google Maps.

Google+ is one of the fastest growing social media networks and can benefit almost any business.


LinkedIn, a professional business-related networking site, allows companies to create professional profiles for themselves as well as their business to network and meet others.

LinkedIn provides its members the opportunity to generate sales leads and business partners.

Members can use "Company Pages" similar to Facebook pages to create an area that will allow business owners to promote their products or services and be able to interact with their customers.


WhatsApp is a messaging app with a laser focus on building a messaging service that works fast and reliably anywhere in the world.

WhatsApp started as an alternative to SMS. It supports sending and receiving a variety of media including text, photos, videos, documents, and location, as well as voice calls.

Whatsapp is also used to send a series of bulk messages to their targeted customers using broadcast option. Companies started using this to a large extent because it is a cost effective promotional option and quick to spread a message.


Instagram had over 300 million users and the user engagement rate of Instagram was 15 times higher than of Facebook and 25 times higher than that of Twitter.

Instagram has proven itself a powerful platform for marketers to reach their customers and prospects through sharing pictures and brief messages. According to a study by Simply Measured, 71% of the world's largest brands are now using Instagram as a marketing channel.

For companies, Instagram can be used as a tool to connect and communicate with current and potential customers. The company can present a more personal picture of their brand, and by doing so the company conveys a better and true picture of itself.


YouTube is most popular video channel in the world with high rate audience enegagement. The type of language used in the commercials and the ideas used to promote the product reflect the audience's style and taste.

Its a perfect platform to make the prospects to understand more about business offerings and presentations.

Social Media Bookmarking Sites:

Websites such as Delicious, Digg, Slashdot, Diigo, Stumbleupon, and Reddit are popular social bookmarking sites used in social media promotion.Each of these sites is dedicated to the collection, curation, and organization of links to other websites that users deem to be of good quality

Get started on social Media Networks to grow your business

Social media has a treasure trove of benefits to help you grow your business. By using it to learn more about your customers, engage with your audience, and extend your brand reach, you’ll be converted before you know it.

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