Did you know, How Google's “Possum Algorithm” has changed SEO?

by Unibros | 03 April 2017

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You thought you have understood how Panda, Penguin and Panda work? Now behold(what SEO guys are calling) the POSSUM algorithm! It is a local algorithm update that happened this September 2016.

What is POSSUM?

There are indications that this update impacted ranking in the 3-pack and Local Finder. Another update followed, which impacted organic results.

The biggest impact Possum currently has on search results is filtering your business out if it has a duplicate, similar or second listing.

This update runs separately from organic SERPs, and affects the following types of businesses:

  1. Businesses outside of city limits.
  2. Separate businesses location at the same address as a similar business.
  3. Two or more businesses owned by the same company.

Who Has benefited from this POSSUM ?

One of the biggest and most beneficial changes seen for the new Possum update the changes directly affect local results and those on Google Maps,modifying sites listed in 3-packs of local results.

Improvements for businesses located in city limits
Businesses outside of a city limits saw a huge increase in ranking
Filtering by address to improve user experience
Physical location of users — an increasingly important concept
Slight changes to keywords yield different results
Local results, increasingly separate from organic search

How to Protect Google POSSUM ?

To avoid your listing getting filtered out by this latest algorithm update, you should make sure that it has no duplicates and it has consistent information across all pages. Make sure that the details about your business are complete and accurate.

But, before that, the best thing you can do is to register your listing in Google My Business. This can surely help make it more relevant than the unregistered ones (if there are any) and can lessen the chances of it being filtered out.

Inserting your Google Map address (and embedding the actual map itself) when you publish new content can also help you gain more authority over your listing.


Possum update has seemingly made it easier for businesses to improve their Google local rankings, it still takes some level of expertise to understand the update and do it effectively. Unibros Technologies can help businesses improve their local rankings with our local SEO services. Our experts understand the principles behind local SEO as well as how the Possum update from Google can affect your local rankings.
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